Cut Your Modern Kitchen Countertops Using Waterjet Cutting Machine

If you are not aware yet, waterjet cutting machines can be used to cut out contemporary designs for your customized kitchen countertops. According to water jet machine manufacturers

Waterjet cutting machines can be used to cut out custom designs for contemporary kitchen countertop. If you have been frequenting your favorite magazine shop, you will figure out from those glossy magazines that the kitchen countertops they have for their feature homes often have streamlined finish. 

According to water jet machine manufacturers, waterjet technology can easily transform a formless slab of granite stone into a seamless and exquisite kitchen countertop. Even though this cutting technique has been around for such a long time now, since 1852, it was being used then in conjunction with steam to help in the mining operations that were being carried out in California, the technique was perfected only recently.  

How Does Water Jet Cutting Work

A high-pressure water pump will force the water down into a jewel or diamond nozzle. At the end part of this nozzle, there is an opening which can be as tiny as 1/100th of an inch in diameter. The water combination that is injected using high pressure, as well as the tube nozzle’s narrowing, will have the water exit the nozzle with a striking force of 55,000 lbs per square inch.  

For materials that we qualify as a kind of like soft such as wood and with a few types of metals, this level of cutting power would be more than enough. However, in order to cut through an extremely tough object or through very dense material like how granite is, it is imperative that you will need to add supplemental aggregate. 

Aggregate materials could be me made from either aluminum oxide or garnet stone. These aggregates are being utilized due to their extreme level of hardness as well as for their facets that are sharp crystalline, reason why we qualify them as excellent abrasives. They would still work great even if you ground them into fine sand.  

The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technology

Compared to the conventional granite cutting saw, the use of a water jet cutting machine comes with several advantages. One good thing about its use is that the majority of the cutting work is carried out under the water. This is good in the sense that it will help in eradicating the creation of airborne products like dust.

Another important thing about waterjet technology is that it removed the chance of heat damage to occur to the granite or the saw.  

Due to the ponderous weight and sheer size of the water jet cutter, you won’t be able to operate it by hand, thus it is run instead by complex computer software. Such programs allow the jet cutter to cut out extremely intricate patterns and shapes into the granite slab with a high level of precision, every time. 

The machines work would be so precise if you will try to cut something from granite slab a tile out of stone, the edge of that cut will be the final edge already. It is so good and seamless that it will not require from you any finishing work.  

This signifies that you will not need to worry about filing or sanding, as they are not required anymore. Soon after the cutting process is done and completed, the final product will be outright straight and smooth. 

Furthermore, there is more room for flexibility in the use of waterjet cutting machine because it allows you to make tweaks on the length of time and pressure of the jet sprays in an area. Therefore, you can cut a granite slab without letting it cut through it. 

With this unique attribute of waterjet cutters, users are given the liberty to sculpt any object 3-dimensionally or they can also etch out anything artistic on the granite stone surface.  

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