Why Choose Poly Diesel Tanks?

Fuel is undeniably one of the staples in any industry today whether it is farming, cattle raising, agriculture, factories, and any business involving machineries and trucks. The diesel needs to be stored to perform different tasks, as it is used in many ways. It keeps equipment and generators working, keep vehicles moving, transporting goods and other materials. Fuel is considered as a hazardous substance as well. Therefore, it must be stored safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a diesel tank to contain fuel for your business or company, you usually have two common choices, a poly tank or steel tank. Both are readily available in the market and they each have their pros and cons. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of choosing poly diesel tanks.


Poly is often the most versatile and most advantageous material as liquid storage tanks when aggressive substances, such as diesel fuel, are involved. This material is suitable for pH applications at both extremes. When it comes to storage, steel tanks can go through the condensation when left out under the sun, which can cause moisture to build up. Water when mixed with fuel tank can be harmful for engines. On the other hand, this is not the case with poly tanks. Poly diesel tanks may be lighter in weight, but it has much thicker walls for maximum protection.


Parts and Other Features

Diesel tanks come with other part, including a pump, hose, and gun. All of these stuff are already assembled up with poly diesel tanks, thus you don’t need to purchase it separately. For other diesel tanks such as steel tanks, you have to buy all the parts separately. This means additional cost and can be time consuming.


Weight and Ease of Transport

Most other diesel tanks particularly steel tanks are heavy, which are definitely not easy to carry. They are typically bolted through the mounting surface in your truck bed. On the contrary, poly diesel tanks are lightweight and are easy to move. They usually come with lifting handles. You can also strapped them down easily down if one doesn’t want to mount them permanently.


How It’s Made

Steel tanks are welded, which means there could be spaces in between parts that increase the possibility of leakages on the seams. Poly tanks, on the other hand, are made up of a single molded piece. Therefore, it is seamless. Moreover, steel gets rust over time, which increases the chance of leakages. This is not the case with the poly diesel tanks.



Other types of tanks can be advantageous, but when it comes to containing diesel fuel, poly tanks are ideal. Diesel poly tanks are also less costly and are ready to use. It helps you save time, as you don’t need much of assembling the parts.