Keys to Finding the Best Industrial Design Firms

If you have assigned to develop a new technology or launch a new product, you know that working with the best industrial firms will make a difference and be a critical factor to success. Their help will be necessary as you execute a task, major portions of a project, or even the entire development program. The processes that are being used in selecting a product development firm runs the gamut from systematic and rigorous to purely relationship based. Here are some of the keys that you should consider as you choose the best firm.


This is very important when choosing the best one from the numerous industrial design firms available today. Make sure you choose a team that can help you develop and innovate new products. Good chemistry during the sales process is different from working on a daily basis with the team as problems could surface and there will be differences in opinion. Be sure to evaluate the team in terms of their daily “bedside manner” as part of the selection process.


It’s always a given that an industrial design company will always put their best foot forward to get clients. But, you need to watch out for beautiful designs and excellent case studies that never went anywhere. To conceptualize a product is one thing and to successfully commercialize it is another thing. Just do not be afraid to ask questions and get the right answers for them.



Research, design, and engineering professionals are always in search of growth potential, challenges, and mentoring that will help them advance in their careers. In most cases, this would lead to employee turnover which is a normal thing. But, you need to be wary of firms that seem to have extraordinary levels of turnover as this could negatively affect the quality of their work. A firm that has a stable staff is more likely to master their own development process and will have a better level of confidence in the firm and their clients.



When a potentially client asks for some references, firms would always choose their best clients to sing their praises. Given this, you need to dig deeper. When attending presentations from product development firms, take note of the projects that are most relevant to you. Make sure that you follow up with your research in order to find the best product managers for relevant products, talk with them and ask for their contact information. Then interview them and make sure that your questions are focused not just on technical execution, but as well as on project management, team chemistry, financial management, etc.


Repeat Clients

Among the most important keys in evaluating a product design company is their repeat clients. Look for one that has consistently worked on different projects for same clients. Repeat clients are those that have completed engagements with the company and are satisfied with the technical execution, financial management, project management, and team chemistry that they choose for more projects.

Aside from the ones above, there are more applicable criteria that can be considered when searching for the best product development firm. Experience, availability, skills, and cost are some more considerations that will help you avoid problems that may lead to poor results as you do your search.