Getting Started with LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a new kind of lighting technology that was not available before. As LED technology has greatly developed to emit adequate brightness and better quality of light for almost all lighting applications, the use of these LED strips for different applications has quickly proliferated.

LED Strip Lighting: What Is It?

It is a linear display of LED chips that are mounted on a narrow and long electrical circuit board. This printed circuit board is often flexible. The LED strips and packed into LED-strip-substratesreels.

In most cases, the circuit board comes with a width of 10mm and could be as long as 5 meters or more. The majority of LED strip lights can be trimmed and cut with the use of regular scissors to the specific length needed.

A double-sided adhesive backing is pre-applied on the back side of the LED strip. This will allow you to peel the paper backing then stick and mount the LED strip to any surface.


What Type of Light does it Emit?

The kind of light that is emitted is identified by the kind of LED mounted on the LED strip. At present, a wide range of white and colored LEDs are in the market. The white ones range from warm white that releases a warm, yellowish, and comfortable flow. Cool white is also available and offers an energizing and crisp bluish light.

There are some LEDs that are capable of emitting multiple colors like an RGB LED strip and by utilizing a special electrical controller. There are some that have both cool and warm white mounted together which allows users to attain a range between cool and warm white using a single LED strip.

How Much Light does it Emit?

Different factors can affect the LED strip’s brightness and this may vary depending on the quality and design. A single strip could release as low as 300 lumens or as high as 2000 lumens every meter. This is almost equal to the amount of lighting that a standard 1.2-meter 40W fluorescent tube could emit.

One important thing to remember is that LED strips emit lights in a 120-degree angle while a fluorescent tube emits lights in different directions, thus LED strips appear much brighter in spite of having just the same lumen ratings.

LED Strip Lights: Where can You Use them?

Among the biggest advantages of this type of lighting are that they make use of low voltage and are flexible. This means that any length of such could be placed in objects or locations that are not straight or flat. Moreover, given enough safety precautions, it could come in contact with materials like paper or fabric without burning. This makes it a good and safe option as well.

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