The State of 3D Printing Australia Today


3D printing Australia and rapid prototyping is fast becoming more prominent in the past decade. With the introduction of new materials that can be utilized for this purpose and with several new groundbreaking processes in tow, we now have further expanded the capabilities of 3D printing service Australia with its costs going down to the point where even small scale enterprises and individual consumers find 3D printing easy on their budget. 

In some industries, 3D printing is taking a shift. Originally from a prototyping system, it is now leaning towards manufacturing system. In the UK, for instance, they are looking into the possibility of using 3D printing machine to produce and manufacture aerodynamic(lightweight) parts for aircraft applications which can’t be done with conventional methods. 

The use of 3D printing as a means to manufacture such objects also comes with the advantage of efficient utilization of materials. With 3D printing, scraps of titanium, as well as other equally expensive materials that are otherwise rendered as unusable in traditional manufacturing, can be reused.  

Many 3D printing Australian firms now offer custom printing services that are particularly targeting niche users. Like for instance, 3D Outlook company is giving 3-dimensional topographic maps and they are being offered to real estate moguls, hikers, resorts and many more. There are also sprouting new 3D printing firms that aim to print out avatar models that are for use in virtual worlds and online games. 

What’s even more surprising is the fact that medical applications of 3D printing are also along the way. It looks very promising although it is just in its infancy stages. Some medical centers have also begun to use 3D printing machines to produce practice models in case they need to provide complex surgeries. These image models for duplicated images from CT scans, and even made a perfect model replica of a patient. 

Generic models are also utilized to help medical professionals and surgeons in explaining to their patients’ specific medical procedures. This is normally intended for people who are having difficulty or are encountering trouble with technical jargons and in the absence of visual aid. 

Another sector in which 3D printing service Australia is making fast inroads is no less than the prosthetic industry. In related news, the University of Tokyo Hospital recently made waves in the international medical scene after it completed a small test project in which it created artificial bones using a 3D printing machine. 

Plastic surgeons are also utilizing 3D printing machines to create face masks that need prosthetic ears or noses. This will help eliminate the need for patients to heavy plaster casting on their faces.  

Another area where we can anticipate the dynamic growth for the 3D printing Australia arena is the parts replacement production. Do you need another pair of doorknob for your antique door? Or perhaps you are searching for a rare laptop screw and have given hope of ever finding somewhere to buy it? Are you trying to look for a new car piston? 

Instead of trying your best luck to find or track the part, purchase it online and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep several weeks after, why not print it out instead? 

While 3D printing for your needed parts will help save you time and money, it is a boon for restorations jobs where the parts, original as they are, are extremely challenging to find or locate. Chances are high that they may not be in production anymore. 

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