Top Reasons to Invest in a Pallet Wrapping Machine

Top Reasons to Invest in a Pallet Wrapping Machine

A pallet wrapping machine usually gives us this impression that it is a piece of equipment you may not really have a use for until such time that you try it. Both the large and the small-scale businesses should reconsider it and get inspiration from the benefits that this type of machine has to offer.

This machine is especially useful for people who are actually managing a warehouse and are involved in managing stock inventory. If you have this kind of function in your workplace, then stay glued here and carry on reading this content in its entirety.  

Lower your costs for pallet wrapping material by more than 20%.  

If your work has something to do with warehouse management, operational efficiency, and wholesale packaging supplies, then costs reduction is of paramount importance. If you have been letting your labor staff to just manually wrap your pallets, then there is a good level of certainty that your company has been missing cost saving opportunities that can only be delivered pallet wrapping tools.  If you want to understand, here is why:

The pre-stretch film we have for wrap pallets are normally underutilized if you will have them applied manually. Just one roll of this pre-stretch film can be extended up to 240 times the original length that it came with when it is used on a pallet wrapping tool as opposed to a ten to twenty percent stretch if you carry it out by hand.

With the help of this type of machine, you can easily avoid and veer away from underutilizing the potential of your shrink-wrap.

Professional-looking Packaging

If you want to give your product line a professional and clean-looking packaging, a pallet wrapping machine will definitely help you achieve that. Settling for manual wraps run the risk of giving your products that slovenly, amateurish look. The reason for this is simple, the wrapping is inconsistent and is usually done or carried out in an erratic fashion.

The better image that you will let your pallet provide your product with, the better and more elevated perceived value that you can anticipate your product will receive.  

Reduced Labour Costs for Warehouse

It usually requires one staff member per pallet to manually wrap one. The staff member would spend a minimum of 2 to 5 minutes just to efficiently and correctly wrap the pallet. Now, with respect to the stock picking activities or the type of warehouse, each staff member could carry out wrapping more than 10 pallets every single day.  

The prevailing wage for a warehouse staff these days would range between $20-30 an hour. In the course of a single day,  up to 1 hour could be used to just wrapping pallets. Now doing the Math here, this could lead to thousands of dollars being spent every single day just on manual wrapping your pallets.

You know that figure is high overhead and maintain that number is going to cost business so much of its financial resources. When you decide to make an investment in a pallet wrapping machine, the process will become automated. By this measure, the only thing that your employees will need to concern themselves about would have something to do with be picking and stock delivery.  

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