What to Know About a CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale

The number of business that are buying a CNC plasma cutter for sale and using it for their business is increasing. This is because of the benefits that it can offer them. But as there are so many of them today in the market, how would you know that you are making a worthy buy? Here are some things to know about the machine.

Sheet Size

You should begin figuring out what material needs to be cut. You need to consider the maximum plate size. Do you need to cut sheets in 8’ x 10’, 10’ x 40’ or 4’ x 8’? The plate size will help you decide which model of the CNC plasma cutter for sale you will be needing. Each machine model is specifically designed to cover a wide range of various plate sizes, but as soon as you reach a certain point, you might get bumped up to a larger model. The maximum plate thickness should be used as well to determine which model you will need as some of them are limited in size of maximum thickness.

Working Areas

One more factor that can affect the machine size is the arrangement of the working areas. A simple machine only needs one working area. This means that the cutting table is big enough for the plate. However, this also means that as soon as you finish cutting the plate, the machine will sit idle while you unload the scrap and cut parts, then load a fresh plate. This is okay for low-production settings or for small shops. But for bigger companies, they would increase the efficiency of the machine by being able to load and unload while the machine cuts.

Process Tools

Having an idea of the type of type of tools for cutting process you will be needing will be helpful in narrowing down the machine model you need. Do you need one plasma station or two? Do you only need an oxy-fuel torch, maybe four or eight of them? In this case, the more tools are required, the wider the machine will get. This is because of the space that every tool takes up on the gantry, as well as the “cross-cut” requirement.

The Software

Never take for granted the importance of nesting software and programming. Though you only need a small shop where you will not be needing nesting capabilities, you would still have to generate program codes in order for the CNC to run.

There are many CNCs today that come with built-in programming capabilities like manual programs or libraries. Many of them of them are capable of taking in a DWG file or DXF file and post-process it into G-code and M-code so the CNC could run.

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There are limitless options to choose from. There will be optional features on the machine, the CNC system, as well as the fuel stations, gantry, software, and even the dust collectors, table, and so on. What you can do is to educate yourself on these things ahead of time. This will help you to be certain of the ones that you need to make the business profitable.

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